Friday (Nov. 30):  Third floor theater of Ida Noyes (1212 E. 59th St.).

1.  9:30-9:45:  Garrett Kiely (University of Chicago Press): “Welcome.”

2.  9:45-10:40:  Lorraine Daston (Chicago and Berlin): “History of Science without Structure.”

3.  10:45-11:40: George Reisch (Open Court): “Aristotle in the Cold War:  On the Origins of Thomas Kuhn’s Structure of Scientific Revolutions.”

4.  11:45-12:40: Daniel Garber (Princeton): “Why the Scientific Revolution wasn’t a Scientific Revolution, and Why it Really Shouldn’t Matter to Kuhn.”

   1:00-2:00: Lunch

5.  2:15-3:10: Norton Wise (UCLA): “A Smoker’s Paradigm.”

6.  3:15-4:10: James Conant (Chicago): “Kuhn on the Difference between Puzzles and Problems.”

    4:30: Exhibit in Special Collections of Regenstein Library.

    5:30: Reception in Quadrangle Club (1155 East 57th Street).


Saturday (Dec. 1): First floor library of Ida Noyes

1.  9:00-9:55:  Ian Hacking (Toronto): "Paradigms."

2.  10:00-10:55: Andrew Abbott (Chicago): “Structure and Sociology: Notes for a History?”

3.  11:00-11:55: David Kaiser (MIT): “Kuhn among the Psychologists: Structures’s Early Audience.”

     12:15-1:15: Lunch

4.  1:30-2:25: Angela Creager (Princeton): “Paradigms and Exemplars meet   Biomedicine.”

5.  2:30-3:25: Peter Galison (Harvard): “Islands of Knowledge: Boas, Wittgenstein, Kuhn.”

6.  3:30-4:25: Ronald Giere (Minnesota):  “Kuhn as Perspectival Realist.”

     5:00-6:15:  Reception in Quadrangle Club